Blademark Guild Adventures (Eberron)

Adventures on March 14

As we slept through the night, members took turns holding watch to ensure no danger befell the party. Shango heard 2 goblins patrolling through the night, but they did not approach our camp.

Upon waking, we decided to lure the goblins from the next room by using Tack as bait. He convincingly pretended to be asleep – I think this must be something he excels in. Unfortunately, the patrolling goblin caught a glimpse of Siyvan, and the battle commenced in the hallway.

Brave Keldrick sees a room beyond the hallway. Hey, it looks like some of the crates we were sent to search for are there! The group is successful in killing the wizard and 2 scroungers. There are 3 crates in the room. Shango puts them in the corner for safekeeping. The party examines the room.

There are 3 doors:
  • on one wall is a shimmering door with a magical lock. We’re going to have to wait on that room. Need a key!
  • on the second wall is an unlocked door. Upon opening it, the party observes several deep, parallel cuts in the floor. Lalla shrieked – that room looks dangerous!
  • on the third wall is another unlocked door. Goblin voices can be heard behind it. They don’t seem to be aware of the party’s presence.

The party decides that the door with goblins behind it is the way to go. Keldrick bravely leads the party into the room. In no time, the 3 plated goblins inside are mere corpses. As they search the room, they find 3 more crates (bringing the total to 6) and a strongbox. Shango again places the crates in a corner for safekeeping.

At the far end of the room is a hallway that leads into a cavernous room. It is eerily silent until the group approaches a bridge leading away from the room. Yikes! 3 rats attack and are immediately destroyed. The group notices that there is a ditch on one end of the room. Looks like the goblins have used this as a trash dump. Dirty goblins. Arya shudders – who lives like this??? Then, she notices shiny things in the ditch. She motions to the guys to take the ladder at the edge of the ditch and get the shiny things. Could this be the key for the shimmering door, don’t you think?

As the men approach the ditch to do her bidding, knowing that they wouldn’t get a moment of peace otherwise, an antkeg shows itself. Great. Keldrick climbs down the ladder to get closer to the antkeg while the rest of the brave party attacks it from afar. Those with range weapons that is. Lalla is sure that the others are coming up with a Plan B.

By the time Keldrick gets close to the beast, it burrowed to the top layer of the room, leaving Keldrick pit. The group kills the beast. Keldrick sorts through the trash and finds some very interesting items, but, alas, no key.

As the party gathers once again, they steel themselves for another adventure across the bridge.

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It seemed like only a few months ago since Cord Bakker had taken a miss-matched group of adventurers and shaped some of them into veteran Blademark mercenaries. Some, he sighed, as memory of those fallen entered his memory. He can’t save all of them; they were casualties of war, the commanders tell him.

With a moment’s hesitation, he decided to enter the common room and see who had been delivered to him during the night. He pushed opened the door and walked in to see how much work was ahead of him.

While he started to size them up, he was greeted with the following introductions:

A small female gnome who called herself Lalla Ellykin Fobiddle, of the Korranberg Forbiddles. Lalla indicated she’d joined the Blademarks to write stories for the Korranberg Chronicles, along with dabbling with the arcane arts.

A small male Gnome who called himself Wizzle “Tack” Zoddin, from Korranberg. It sounded like Tack left a family business to now experience nature. He has a pet owl named Pidge.

A muscular male human identifying himself as Keldrik. Keldrik indicated he has experience using swords and shields, and that his fellow team will come to appreciate everything about him.

A stout male dwarf with a silent demeanor called Shango. Shango didn’t mention much else to his new team. Shango looked to be straight from a monastery.

A female half-elf named Arya Darkeyes. Araya mentioned she was from Sharn, but wanted to see the world. She has lived a very pampered life, this could be a challenge sleeping on the ground, instead of luxury manor houses.

A quiet male human named Siyvan. Not very forthcoming with conversation, but mentioned he could handle himself in a fight, while snatching items unnoticed, or bypassing trapped and locked doors.

Cord took a deep breath, and thanked all these new recruits for committing two years to the Blademark Guild. Of course, he mentioned desertion was futile now, and consequences would be dealt with harshly.

*A daily 4sp salary
*Free room and board at the chapter house
*Quartermaster would supply mundane items

With formalities now past, he explained the contract:

Recover Chicane Guildhouse stolen spice crates that were stolen from a caravan on its way to Sumberton. The contact for this is Vintra Marktunsel, who planned to meet them at Sly Wink.

Having set the expectations to the new recruits, Cord exited the room, leaving the new team to sort out matters of fulfilling the contract.

The team decided they had better be equipped before leaving the guild house. They familiarlized themselves with the guild house layout and eventually found the quartermaster room. Upon entering they were greeted by Habra Smyth.

Once outfitted, the team headed directly through Sumberton for the Sly Wink and their contact. The team managed to not get lost along the way, and get directions through locale townsfolk. The Sly Wink had a sign out front with a big winking eye. Upon entering, the inn and tavern was slightly crowded for an early morning. Arya took the lead and walked up to the bartender and asked for a wine. Shiggetam, as the man identified himself as the owners proprieter, was a bit shocked someone would order wine in his establishment. But if the lady asked for expensive wine, why not. Lalla, the impatient gnome, found out where Vintra was and led over her team, except for Rogar drinking at the bar, to discuss the contract. Needless to say, everyone was very surprised to see a halfling. After introductions, Vintra got straight to the point: recover her spices (15 crates) to fulfill the contract. She has agreed to pay an extra 200gp per team member over the contract. A local sage named Kalman Andas managed to talk to the lone survivor before he died.

The team left the inn and sent Tack’s owl, Pidge, to circle the town looking for the sage. Once located the team headed off to meet him. Kalman opened the door in a gruff manner. The team noticed he had a limp in his right leg. Kalman described that “Old Pete” died not too long after the attack. But he managed to learn the attackers were goblins. It seemed the attack happened at Kurkle Ridge. Kalman, being a sensible man, asked for some payment. Shango, taking the lead, insulted the sage and the team was thrown out.

Lalla and Arya, being the sensible ones on the team, figured they should get a wagon to help transport the located spice crates. Siyvan used his elusive talents, and found there was Carstellan Stables in town. Upon arriving at Carstellan Stables, they were greeting by Ravi d’Vadalis. The team inquired about renting a horse and wagon. After much haggling, and thanks to Tack’s loving of animals, it was decided 60gp for a week. Anything longer would result in 10gp/day fines. Ravi demanded half payment, which Rogar volunteered to pay, along with Tack driving the wagon.

While leaving town, Shango suggested a stop at a potion or scroll shop. Siyvan located Scrivener’s Guild House. The team entered, met Bala Scrivener, and left after only browsing. It seemed out that House Cannith with have a Fabricators Guild house in Sumberton.

Rogar, being the intimidating and aloof sort, noticed a half-orc watching them. Rogar made a mental note that this half-orc seemed to be following them around town. Feeling generous, he told the team about it.

Just as the team and wagon were about out of town, a small child runs up and throws a satchell at Lalla. Inside the satchell a note from Cord explains these items may be useful. Eternal Wand, Glamerweave Cloak, and Darkweave Cloak. Lalla volunteered to use the wand and glamerweave cloak, while Siyvan took the darkweave cloak.

The team headed out of town on their 3 day trip to Kurkle Ridge. The terrain was plains and grasslands. The road seemed fine since their had been no heavy rains. The journey was mostly uneventful, except for the nightly visit of a hungry Hippogriff. The team defended themselves admireably, and Shango was the lucky recipient of first blood loss together.

The team eventually arrived at Kurkle Ridge, and was greeted by spotting a goblin outside a tiny shack built into a hill. Tack, being overzealous, leaped from the wagon and charged. Those still in the wagon, were surprised that nobody was left driving. Rogar, quickly stepped forward and calmed the horse and stopped the wagon. By the time the team got to the shack entrance, all that was left was a rope and decent into a cave.

The team had a few pitfalls maneuvering down the tunnel, with Rogar practicing acrobatic rolling, and Shango and Siyvan helping break his fall. Once down, they team found themselves at a doored entrance guarded by Hobgoblins. Shango and Siyvan moved forward, but came under attacked from goblin archers hidden atop cave crevices. The team quickly moved into action, with Rogar rushing forward to absorb the brunt of the attacks, Shango and Siyvan readying for battle, Tack sending in Pidge, Lalla hurling arcane magic, and Arya readying to heal those that might fall. After a drawn out battle, the team emerged victorious.


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