Shango (Monk)



Physical Description: Shango is a male dwarf, 4’6” and 215 lbs. Shango mostly goes shirtless, showing off his tattoos. He has one on each arm, one rapped over his right shoulder extending to his back, and one on top of his head (shown in drawing). He does not have any distinguishing scars, but he plans to get many in the future.

Brief History: Shango and his brother, Brehnor, were orphaned into a monastery; it is unknown what happened to their mother and father. Shango excelled at hand-to-hand combat, while struggling with classroom teachings. One evening the monastery received word that a shipment of silk failed to reach its destination. The monks grew increasingly concerned when they found that monk Udoven, who was supposed to deliver the silk, hadn’t returned to the monastery. They immediately sent out a search party, Shango and Brehnor included, and split into groups of two. The search continued for several hours with no luck in finding Udoven. On their way back to the monastery, Shango and Brehnor heard a commotion not far from where they were. As they rounded the corner and saw what appeared to be a tavern fight that had made its way outside. Seeing that the fight was greatly one sided the two brothers tried to intervene to help the man getting beat to death. While approaching the beaten man, an accomplice of the attackers slipped behind Brehnor and managed to thrust his short sword between his shoulder blades, piercing his chest dropping him to the ground. Struck with rage, Shango charged the half-orc assailant tackling him to the ground. The half-orc tried to catch his breath and wiggle free, but was unsuccessful as Shango began to pummel his face. By the time they were able to drag Shango off the half-orc it was too late.

Quirks: Sometimes too eager when it comes to jumping into battle

Likes: Ale, fighting Dislikes: Magic abusers

If your character could have one wish come true, what would it be? Personal perfection

Describe the worst nightmare your character has ever had? And why it is the worst? Reliving his brother’s death

Describe the best dream your character has ever had? And why it is the best? Laying waste to hordes of demons and other ungodly creatures in a huge field of battle….He really loves fighting

Where do you see your character in 20 years? Discovering far away worlds or even training others

What would your character choose for an epitaph? “Truth to your own spirit” What is your characters greatest fear? To lead a wasteful life

What is your characters greatest hope? To perfect himself

What is the one thing about your character that no one else knows? That he is borderline crazy…..but they might find out!

What is the one thing your character has regretted most? Not being able to protect his brother

What is the one thing your character has never regretted? Pretty much everything else

What is your character’s favorite color and why? Black/blue…dark colors, has an aura that feels like he can escape if needed

Describe the place where your character would feel the safest and why? Back at the monastery…he just felt safe there as a child


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