Arya Darkeyes


1. Name and other: Arya Darkeyes

Half Elf/Human
Sovereign Host Pantheon with domains in Healing and Fire

2. Brief Physical: 5’10” 160 lbs 20 years old (just considered an adult) Brown long hair and dark eyes (almost black-family characteristic)

3. Brief History: Arya (pronounced Ar-e-ah) is from Sharn in Breland. She has spent her whole life in a well-to-do family, though not extremely wealthy. She has spent her time around aristocrat youth of the city and enjoyed an active social life. One afternoon, several years ago, while visiting with her friends, a half-elf adventurer was welcomed into the inn she was visiting. Intrigued by the attention and well wishes he got, she made up her mind that the day her parents recognized her as an adult, she wanted to do the same. She dedicated herself as a cleric to the Sovereign Host in the city to show her parents that she was responsible. Though she completes her studies and is quick to learn, completing menial tasks asked of an initiate is better suited to those who have spent a life in more unfortunate conditions than herself. After all, why sweep the floor when you can find the coin to have someone else do it for you?

4. Quirks: Though she is good natured, she tends to be lazy and expects others to wait on her. She is excited about the prospect of leaving the city, but really has no concept for life beyond the city walls. She has never been more than a few miles outside the city, and never unattended. In fact, she has never spent the night on anything than a bed or cot, which she considers to be ‘roughing it’. She chose the domain of healing because she figured that it would make her useful in a group. She also chose the domain of animals, but only because they made her choose another domain, and because squirrels are so cute. giggle

5. Likes: Breakfast in bed and new clothes.

Dislikes: Beer and smelly men in the inns. (wine is the only civilized drink-at least that is what her mother said the elves think)

6. If she could have one wish come true, she would like to ride back into the city and have her friends absolutely GREEN with envy over her exciting adventures. But, she would be so busy visiting with all the interesting people in the inn, she wouldn’t even have time to visit with them.

7. Being alone is her worst nightmare. She has never been alone-except for in her room…she loves to be around people and loves to be noticed.

8. The best dream she ever had was to walk into a little village and all the people there, even the children, had heard of her adventures.

9. In 20 years, Arya will have started to understand the toils of adventuring. Instead of the thrill of being noticed, the thrill of meeting new races, seeing new animal/plant life, and being in strange and far-away lands captures her attention. In another 20 years, she will be settled down starting a family of her own and practicing healing (and of course regaling her life as an adventurer for her children…and anyone that will listen with rapt attention to her stories).

10. Epitaph? Arya couldn’t possibly BEAR to consider her own demise. Only OLD people do that!

11. Her greatest fear is to be lost in the wilderness with no one to call on for help. (or to make her breakfast…it IS the most important meal of the day!)

12. Her greatest hope is to be noticed.

13. The one thing that NO one knows is that blood makes her queasy and sometimes pass out.

14. Her greatest regret is that her mother knows nothing of the elven traditions, and the elves of the city are no help either!

15. She doesn’t regret becoming a cleric, even though some of the work is distasteful as an initiate.

16. Blue! It looks JUST like adventure!

17. She would feel safest in her favorite inn within the city sipping wine with her friends.

Arya Darkeyes

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