Wizzle "Tack" Zoddin

Tack (Druid) and Pidge (Owl)


Name: Wizzle “Tack” Zoddin (a.k.a. “Oyaa”, “Bottomzup”)
Description: 3’ 2”, tan skin, blond hair, blue eyes, short blond beard
Wizzle Zoddin is a young adult gnome, 63 years old, who grew up in Zilargo as the youngest of eight children. Often forgotten on family outings, he got his family nickname of “Oyaa” from the common exclamation of “Oyaa! Wizzle!” after one of his siblings remembered he’d been left behind again. His father, Bogli Zoddin, is a master alchemist with a shop in Zilargo. Bogli trained Wizzle’s oldest brother in the family craft, who then set out to Korranberg with Wizzle in tow as his apprentice/errand-boy to set up his own shop there.

Wizzle learned quickly as an apprentice to his older brother, but his heart was never in alchemy. His brother often commented that he wasn’t the sharpest tack in the drawer (and nicknamed him “Tack” to remind him of it). Tack did, however, love going outside the city to gather herbs and alchemical components from the wild, and used his time to study up close the plants and animals he adored. He also took every chance he could find to escape to the library and read about the wilds of Eberron. Wizzle is fascinated by the various flora and fauna of the natural world.

As soon as his older brother acquired a proper apprentice, Wizzle set out to learn the ways of the druids he had read so much about, and who seemed to embody the values and beliefs he had formed thus far in his young life.

Quirks: Wizzle loves dwarven ale, and earned the nickname “Bottomzup” from his friends. Once he starts drinking Wizzle usually doesn’t stop until he’s bottoms up under the table!
Likes/Dislikes: Tack loves to chat, about anything and everything, but most especially nature and ale. He really dislikes being woken up before he’s ready.
Wizzle’s one wish would be to have the book he dreams of writing prominently placed on the shelves of the Korrenberg Library.
Tack’s worst nightmare is being stuck inside a mineshaft and hearing kobolds laughing at him.
In 20 years Tack will still be cataloging plants in the Shadow Marches for his next book, “The Compendium of Plant Life in the Shadow Marches”

Wizzle "Tack" Zoddin

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