House Rules

I’m not one that likes to use town size rules for locating, purchasing, and selling items. Here is how I run those rules:

Purchasing Items:

Any item is always available. There are no rules to follow for locating the items; however, the following rules must be used when purchasing items.

Table CS—6: Level Gold Piece Limit
Level GP Limit
1st mundane items only (excluding potions and scrolls)
2nd 450 gp
3rd 1,350 gp
4th 2,700 gp
5th 4,500 gp
6th 6,500 gp
7th 9,500 gp
8th 13,500 gp
9th 18,000 gp
10th 24,500 gp
11th 33,000 gp
12th 44,000 gp
13th 56,000 gp
14th 75,000 gp
15th+ 100,000 gp

Selling Items:

1. All items, except trade goods, are sold for half price.
2. This is subject to change through character interactions with Non Player Characters

Combat Rules:

1. Critical Hit and Miss Decks are used.
2. For the moment, maximum hit points will be used for the campaign. Take note this probably applies to monsters and other creatures as well.
3. Battle Grid, Miniatures, and Tiles are used
4. Initiative Order Tracker is used
5. Whiteboard is used tracking Player Character information
6. When falling below 0 hit points, a player character isn’t allowed to indicate “how” far below they are. The response will be Ouch … I’m unconscious now!

House Rules

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