Eberron Background Summary

The Blademark Guild adventure takes place in the world of Eberron. The exact location varies throughout Khorvaire. The Blademark Guild takes contracts from those who have money to pay for their services. The Blademark Guild is run by House Deneith, which is one of the Dragonmarked Houses in Khorviare.

Current Status

Currently our band of would-be heroes are operating out of the town of Sumberton located within Breland

News in the World

Korranberg Chronicle: Y’ack, a prominent member of the The Twelve in Aundair loses famous imp called Awex Twabeck

House Rules and Other Items

Identifying Items
Knowledge Checks
Background Questions
House Rules

Items and Loot Tracking

Unsold or Undistributed Loot
History of distributed Loot

Magic Item Definitions and Background

Augment Crystals
Alchemist fire


Name Contact Liason Specialty
Kalman Andas Lalla Ellykin Fobiddle Local Geography
Ravi d’Vadalis Wizzle “Tack” Zoddin Animal Aquistion/Training
Vintra Marktunsel Lalla Ellykin Fobiddle Commerce and Nobilitiy

Blademark Guild Adventures (Eberron)

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